One of the most alarming facts that have brought in a headache in every mind is the problem of hair loss. A great number of people are suffering from this problem. It is normal to shed some hair each day, but some people loose excessive hair each day and this is considered as a problem and may ultimately result in premature baldness.

There are various reasons which can cause hair loss. It is often seen that after a long illness or a medical surgery one may loose large amount of hair. This is due to the stress of the illness and is temporary. Similar is the case of women loosing hair after pregnancy. But this temporary is not at all a matter of serious concern because after this stress period is over the normal process of growing and falling of hair starts again. There are also some medicines which cause hair loss. This is also remedied as soon as the intake of such medicines is stopped. Too much intake if vitamin A may also cause hair fall. Any type of mental stress is also a reason for hair loss.

Another important reason for hair loss is hormonal problem. If the thyroid gland is overactive or under active it may result in hair loss. But the most common and unavoidable reason behind hair loss is undoubtedly improper care of hair or rough usage. Sometimes inappropriate use of colors and harmful chemicals result in unnatural hair loss. Too much stress also causes hair loss. Malnutrition, chemotherapy, and a form of lupus can also cause hair loss.

But though these factors are quite alarming, the good news is that now there are a lot of processes and treatments by which this problem can be solved. Homeopathy has several treatment modes to combat this problem. Though the procedure of treatment takes a long time but it is often seen to have very effective results. Actually the treatment of hair loss through homeopathy depends on the nature of the problem. Now a days Aromatherapy is also becoming popular in treatment of unnatural hair fall. Different herbs and natural ingredients are used in aromatherapy to treat hair fall damage. The age old treatment of Ayurveda can also provide many effective remedies for hair loss.

Doctors often prescribe some dietary recommendations for controlling hair loss. It is quite interesting that intake of vitamin A in diet is in the both way responsible for hair loss and hair growth depending upon the dosage taken. The presence of vitamin B in foods like egg yolks, meat and other food items helps in controlling hair loss. Both vitamin C and vitamin E are very effective in controlling hair loss if taken in proper proportion. A low-carbohydrate diet along with leafy vegetables and fruits enriched with lots of protein is always recommended for healthy hair.

But besides all these it is strongly recommended to have a proper diagnosis of the nature of the problem before taking any step in controlling hair loss. The reason behind this is that taking any step without proper knowledge of the actual problem or the actual reason of hair fall may result in a negative way and may cause farther damage to hair.

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