Long before the arrival of laboratories and modern medicine, natural hair growth and replacement products were being used by medicine men and healers. They must have been somewhat effective because some of them are still being used today to some degree.

All hair loss products are natural in reality because they are made from natural elements found on our planet. For this article however, when natural is referred to, it means that the ingredient that has been found naturally has not been artificially treated or changed before using it.

What works for one person may not work for another but the following methods and products have people claiming that they work for them. Here are the most widely accepted.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Certain plants like soybean, bay and lavender produce oils and these oils are then highly concentrated. The oils are then massaged into the scalp resulting in stimulation of the follicles and better circulation.

EXERCISE: Blood circulation within the whole of the body including the scalp, is increased significantly by taking part in any exercise. Blood supply to the hair follicles is therefore increased and this is believed to keep them in good health and stimulate the production of hair.

HERBAL COCKTAILS: (Not to be ingested) Burdock, sage, nettle and rosemary are the recommended herbs that should be used when making these cocktails. The herbs should be all boiled together then strained to get rid of the leaves and the resulting cocktail should be used to wash the hair with every day.

JOJOBA OIL: This has been used in Mexico for centuries and it is believed to be very effective in getting the hair to start growing again. It is simply massaged into the scalp on a daily basis.

LOWERING DHT: (Dihydrotestosterone) DHT moves around the body within the blood and hair follicle shrinkage is one of the conditions that it causes. This shrinkage will stop the hair from being produced and it when the old hair falls out, no new hair will come in its place. Provillus shows promising results as an aid to hair loss as it seems to block the production of DHT.

It is recommended by homeopathic doctors to use these treatments together to get increased chances of success. They may or may not work on all people all of the time as everyone is unique but the are definitely worth taking a look at before expensive routes are chosen.

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